Courtney Love Writes Fan Letter To Savages

Savages, the London based post-punk band that released their first album earlier this year, have found themselves a new rather famous fan… only the former Hole singer, word vomiter and Kurt Cobain widow, Courtney Love!




Courtney recently confessed her love for the band in an interview with Vanity Fair, likening the band to Siouxsie Sioux whilst making a subtle hit at Katy Perry, and also revealing that she wrote a gushy letter to the band after first listening to them, bless.

The controversial singer said “Anyway, I would love to tour with them. I just wrote them a gushy girl fan letter because I had been listening to their stuff all day and I get so excited whenever I see a new female artist that’s good and doesn’t have fireworks coming out of her tits.”